Saturday, November 20, 2010

Climbing.... Climb Away...

The Daisy Scout Heading Up
14 years ago last summer was the last time I hit a rock wall.  Not to say I'm getting older, but I'm pretty sure  I'm holding my own quite well.  I'm stronger, smarter, and more successful... I just don't run as fast and the hair thing, well that's another story.  But today I got back into the harness and took to the wall with my oldest daughter who is in her second year of girl scouts.

Most often my wife attends the weekend functions with the other dedicated moms, but this one caught my interest.  We planned for this a long time ago and I fought off invites ranging from ATV riding, a weekend hunting trip with the Rabid Outdoorsman, and other tempting opportunities but there would be no compromising agents to this getaway.  My little beauty and I were going to tear this up and she exuded excitement especially since, "my dad is coming".

There was a shorter wall with no ropes only spotters which provided a great chance for the girls to try things out.  It didn't take long for me to shimmy up a couple of times to get my daughter fired up.  Before long, she was getting outfitted for the big climb and I wasn't far behind.

We hit the wall for about two hours and left excited, encouraged, and exhausted.  However, I will honestly say that I still have it but am not sure about how I'll feel tomorrow.

Falling.... fall away...

Take Care,

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