Monday, November 29, 2010

Hunting Permission Attained

I'm happy to say that my professional guides license has been upgraded with a hunting permission.  To be bluntly honest and quite frank, this achievement did not occur easily or without struggle.

I again thank my buddy, The Rabid Outdoorsman, for his support and encouragement while putting most appreciation towards my wife who had to endure hours upon hours of diverted attention and study.  Let's just say the fishing endorsement can wait as I get back to a more relaxed frame of mind (not that my life is hectic or anything).

It would be important to thank the members of the oral board for once again pushing my thinking and challenging my every intention of becoming a hunting guide.  I'm a better man for this experience and can only offer my total respect and support for those whom I've encountered at DIFW during this ride.

I look forward to the future as several opportunities are in the planning stages, the timing of everything now becomes the key.

Take Care,


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trial and Error... well more trial...

So the forecast for this Thanksgiving break doesn't seem so appealing, but I figured I'd at least put a possibility into motion.

I decided to give one of my very best friends a call to see how the wind looked at his waterfront property and although it didn't seem favorable, it still seemed plausible.  We had talked in the past about me hunting the tidal frontage, but never actually got around to trying until this summer we constructed a small blind on one of the better spots.

However, the early goose season came and went, the first part of the duck hunting split came and went, and here I was still wanting to give this spot a go.  So today with super double clearance, I set up for buffleheads on the high tide with a dozen GHC magnums.  My pal, Craig, joined as an observer with an immense curiosity about the passion I call duck hunting.  He has never hunted, but I'm starting to feel he's getting quite interested.

It didn't take long for a group of three drakes to veer into the decoys, and I quickly dispatched the closest one as I was handcuffed by a rock which saved the other two.  However, the wind had all intentions of shuttling the downed drake away so I moved to retrieve the duck.  Craig who had returned from his house grabbed the oars and we paddled his skiff out for a tedious retrieval.  To sort of explain what we were facing, the forecast was as follows:

8 FT.

My buddy Craig admiring the possibilities of duck hunting, hunter safety here he comes...

The strong Northwest wind did not relent nor did I.  About one hour later, a single hen quickly arrived from the east and laid perfectly outside the spread.  One shot took her down, while another finished the job.  This duck I would get via wading, but I learned a hard lesson.  When one goes wading, make sure if you take your jacket off, make sure it is somewhere where the wind will not cast it into the ocean.  As I waded back out of the water, my new Herter's waterfowl jacket was drifting as it had blown off a rock and was on it's way elsewhere.  Thank god I've got that Motorola waterproof military phone which has been washed three times and now dunked in salt water.
The author with a matching pair of buffleheads...

Shortly thereafter, my wife and kids arrived for a dinner date.  Craig and I have girls the same age who are the very best of friends.  Our wives are top notch buddies as well, so it became clear that our afternoon of gunning would end as dinner neared.

After picking up the gear, hauling out the boat, and cleaning the buffleheads, we went upstairs for some grilled burgers, ribs, and all the fixings.  The buffleheads found the grill as well and didn't last long.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and also hope the wind subsides somewhat so that the eiders may find my way.

Take care,


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Climbing.... Climb Away...

The Daisy Scout Heading Up
14 years ago last summer was the last time I hit a rock wall.  Not to say I'm getting older, but I'm pretty sure  I'm holding my own quite well.  I'm stronger, smarter, and more successful... I just don't run as fast and the hair thing, well that's another story.  But today I got back into the harness and took to the wall with my oldest daughter who is in her second year of girl scouts.

Most often my wife attends the weekend functions with the other dedicated moms, but this one caught my interest.  We planned for this a long time ago and I fought off invites ranging from ATV riding, a weekend hunting trip with the Rabid Outdoorsman, and other tempting opportunities but there would be no compromising agents to this getaway.  My little beauty and I were going to tear this up and she exuded excitement especially since, "my dad is coming".

There was a shorter wall with no ropes only spotters which provided a great chance for the girls to try things out.  It didn't take long for me to shimmy up a couple of times to get my daughter fired up.  Before long, she was getting outfitted for the big climb and I wasn't far behind.

We hit the wall for about two hours and left excited, encouraged, and exhausted.  However, I will honestly say that I still have it but am not sure about how I'll feel tomorrow.

Falling.... fall away...

Take Care,

A Maine Special...Triple Beam!!!

Quite an impressive whitetailed deer was taken this week.  Check out this link...

Photo courtesy of the Clark familyLucas Clark and his first deer, a 20-point, 190-pound buck bagged Nov. 13 in Northport, Maine.

Deer's abnormal antlers stop traffic

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Short reprieve from the sea ducks...

This year isn't quite panning out like I had hoped...

First, the weather on the weekends hasn't exactly been on my team.  Second, the Duckforce has been sicker than a hypochondriac.  Thirdly, I've been a little consumed with deer hunting based on the previous two problems.

Spared for the moment, but not for long...
It's going to be weird to say, but I passed on a small buck last week.  The shot was not optimal, but possible however I chose to spare any unfortunate circumstances.  Having been quite successful in years past BK (before kids), deer hunting has taken a back seat to my duck hunting especially since I've made far more investments due to avian flu.

I'm planning on whacking and stacking this Thanksgiving, but will be foregoing this upcoming weekend to spend some time with my favorite Daisy Scout.  We both are participating in a rock wall adventure.  It looks like I'm the only adult heading vertical, why does everybody else get older but me?

Take care,


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Matt Diesel in Full Effect...

The Brother-in-Law & DEDH

I'll get to the write up soon, but for now here's the only solid video clip worth putting up.  No one dared to put down the mighty firearm for a few seconds of filming, so I caught a few opportunities just for the blog. This one of Matt Diesel was the best...

Take care,


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Game time...

It's never been so long without dropping the boat into the Atlantic for some sea duck action, but the weather and obligations have provided 36 days of eider nothingness.  However, Saturday has been slated for a day of reckoning.  The forecast promises us this nasty storm, but things will subside.  Slated for this act of trouble will be Matt Diesel who ends his one month probation for his accord on the duck hunting opener, and my dad who provides more duck hunting lore and legend than any one I know.  Here's the forecast and wish us luck!!!

13 TO 18 FT. RAIN. VSBY 1 TO 3 NM.

1 TO 3 NM.

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