Wednesday, October 6, 2010

That's how I roll... (Photos to come)

Even though it actually isn't the 2010 opener as I hunt sea ducks in January, the new season began with much anticipated excitement and a forecast that honestly should have made us stay home.  So rather than go into a telling rendition of how we managed, I will provide an abridged and blunt force presentation to the things that hit me like a hurricane (major pun intended).  I apologize for the lack of photos, there was no way that I intended to bring my camera to the fun and games for this foul weather trip.

1) Rabid stuck me on the remote island to set up camp with a quickly dropping sun, while he went back to help some dude get his gear off of another island.  Paying it forward didn't help me set up the entire camp on our first night.

Base camp
2) I'll huff and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house down.  My god didn't it blow the first night, I honestly thought Rabid and I were dead men.  It was so bad, I video taped my last will and testament on my cell phone in the event that a rogue tree became my widow maker.  My wife informed me that gusts in the area we were camping were above 50 mph, she said she also pulled my life insurance papers out.

3) Your duck hunting partners complain about the coffee you specially brewed up in the duck blind.  My guess is that our Duckpower reunion might be a few years from happening again, may I say that one of them is hard to chew while running with the pair is like being with hungry wolves in Yellowstone.  Next time I'll let them drink water, and the coffee was quite excellent if I must say.

4) Matt Diesel and his adage of "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take" should be "you miss 100% of the shots at ducks 87 yards away".  Sky busting took on an a life of it's own throughout the entire area fast.

5) Rabid's one-winged and powerless MoJo decoy proved about as effective as well, nothing.  It didn't even make an appearance while other MoJo's across the way brought in the mallards like a moth floats towards the light.

6) If it doesn't blow, it pours.  Day two brought more rain than I want to admit.  The dutch oven sky buster stew almost didn't happen if I hadn't brought my single burner propane stove, and the brothers had the gall to tease about my readiness.  Local reports gave us almost 3 inches of rain from the afternoon to the next morning.  I'm happy I brought the monster tarp, my all-terrain aerobed, and extra gear.
7) Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.  The ducks had no interest in us at all the next morning, I took two shots at an impossible target just to appease the one they call Diesel.

8) Did I mention that next time I'll let the bastard brothers starve, get wet, and potentially die next time?

On a more positive note, here are the top great factors in the annual trip.

Rabid looks good here, but Sparky wan't succeeding...
1) The sky buster stew was amazing, it made a crappy downpour into more of an enjoyable mission that resulted in one of the better meals I've ever prepared.

2) We each took a mallard on the first day, factor in the pressure and early sky busting I would say that anyone who got a duck did well.

3) I did accept a challenge to start a fire with my firesteel, and little did I know that my efforts were being timed.  Within 9 minutes I got some dry material to spark up, and if anyone would like to ask Rabid how he made out on his counter-challenge feel free to e-mail him.  Or you can just check out the picture from my cell phone camera.

4) Even though camping was tough, the weather did make us push our efforts to make for a great time.  With no sleep from the windy night, I easily rested as the rain persistently and effectively sang upon the tarp that I had put out.

5) I enjoyed using my Ambush canoe/kayak hybrid, as it paddled well and motored even better.  Rabid and I did some sneak hunting without a high degree of success, but I do see the potential for this very able craft.

6) It's hard to say, but I've got some solid friends.  I look forward to next year.

I'm anticipating two days worth of hunting this upcoming weekend, it should make for some excellent photos and storytelling.


  1. Great story and I am glad you all survived. Good job for being prepared as it's those who aren't who will appreciate it most(though they may not admit to it). Look forward to the rest of the story and photos, BTW I can not stand/tolerate skybusting either, just makes my blood boil!

  2. Even bad trips with good friends are still good! Good luck this weekend!


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