Friday, September 10, 2010

The Next Step... not as planned...

Yours truly feeling the joy of the new requirements...

Rabid who managed to slide in under the old testing procedures...

So I figured since I would be in central Maine for the duck hunting annual opener with none other than the Rabid Outdoorsman, why not call DIFW and set up a time for my written hunting guide test? To my surprise and actual dismay, things have changed between my recreational test and now (August 24th to September 10th). Apparently I now must take another oral examination that includes another lost person scenario in addition to an abbreviated written test. In more simple terms, what was just a fairly large written test now has become basically a repeat of what I have just taken only three weeks ago.

Completely caught off guard on this wonderful information, I decided to go through the entire process and schedule another examination. So now I get to return to the old material and review while hitting everything else hunting & trapping.  On any account, I want this worse than our president wants to hold seats in the Senate and House of Representatives so here I go again.

So as my school year warms up, the after school program nears opening, and my lobster gear awaits the return to dry land, I now have thrown another iron into the fire. I'm sure I'll be fine, but it doesn't change the fact that my master plan isn't the same route as I had intended.

Be ready for the opener in about three weeks for I will do my best to exploit the misfortunes of my other members of DuckPower while we embark on a two night hunting/camping fiasco in the Maine wilderness.

Take care,



  1. Hang in there and keep up your good attitude! It will all work out in the end!

  2. Ahh, the politics of wildlife management. You've got a good bite on it so might as well chew it a bit more before swallowing. I hate to sound cynical, although I bet the new requirements come with additional fees. Just a hunch... Deep relaxing breathes, you can do this!

  3. No extra fees Terry, actually the test price went down three dollars but asks for an additional oral portion to the test before the written one can be taken. I'm preparing and will pass the test, or at least die trying...

    Trey, good words and you sort of sound like my father who is the best man I know!!!


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