Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In about one week...

This photo never gets old, the first big hunt for Duckpower years ago!!!

It's on, and I'm wound up.

In about one week, I'm bolting for central Maine for the annual duck hunting (for details of last years debauchery click here for part one, here for part two, and here for part three) and camping opener.  I'm still not sure how Rabid convinced me to walk away from the sea ducks, but this experience only gets better year after year.

On taps for this year is the official reuniting of Duckpower as for the first time in two years we'll all be hunting at the same time & same place.  Things sort have gotten crazy with kids, distance, and life; however we all have used Sharpies on our calendars and the convergence of duck hunting awe will be late afternoon next Friday.  In addition, we will be expecting none other than the father of Diesel and Duckhammer on Saturday.  This equation only results in one possible solution: mayhem and I can't wait.

The logistics are being hammered out, gear getting packed, and the menu is on the way.  Duck stew on the fire in a dutch oven will be the main course Friday night coupled with some other culinary delights throughout the trip should make for quite the experience.

So while Rabid continues to work on short stories about some guy named Chunk, I prepare for the beginning of the best trip ever.


  1. Hope you guys "wack 'em and stack 'em"! Have a great trip!!

  2. Sure sounds like fun. Good luck to you all!

  3. good luck. We don't open until mid October. I hope we get some serious rain soon or it will be tough. Can't wait for the report. Be safe and shoot straight.

  4. Good luck. We had a good hunt in S FL last weekend for teal and wood ducks for our early season (and I enjoy sea duck hunting, too!)


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