Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eye on the Prize...

After several months of intensive study, I have decided to track down a first aid class to qualify for the Maine Guide Exam.  My search took me to the Pine Tree Chapter of the Red Cross, but a several hour drive didn't seem to work so I was forwarded to the Downeast YMCA (still one hour away).  I happened to hit up one of my old schoolmates today who is a director of the pool and recreation program, and seemed to be pleased that he would certify me in first (ARC).  However, the local adult education instructor ran into me tonight while I waited in line for some ice cream.  She will certify me in American Heart Association Lifesaver first aid on May 26th, which puts me at what I'll call phase II of my pursuit.  The DFIW has already confirmed that Lifesaver will qualify, and who knew that the fastest means to certification would be in my backyard and within weeks of my request.

On any account, I'm excited and a bit nervous as the next big challenge in my life becomes just a bit more realistic as I step up to the plate.

Have a great one,

The Downeast Duck Hunter

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