Thursday, April 29, 2010

Out of the loop...

In the midst of my online blogging absence, I'd like to take the chance to let my readership know that I haven't died but have been rather busy with several items of writing distraction.  As the school year winds down, I'm trying to get my after school program schedule worked out and preparing my older students for the upcoming exams.  In addition, I've been doing my best to prepare for the Maine Guide's Exam.  It is in my hopes to take the test early this summer and join the ranks of the elite few who exemplify the outdoor world I love.

I'm fortunate to have several top notch guides as great friends and one who is currently the newest Maine Guide .  With their help and my intensity of study, I'm confident that I may pass the test.  It is important to emphasize that there is so much information and material to cover, this so far hasn't been easy but rather an enjoyable hardship of self-improvement.

So I'll try to get some writing in, especially since the big fishing trip is approaching and my boat returns from some more warranty work (fuel pump defect).  Until next time, take care.

The Downeast Duck Hunter

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