Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hitting the Ice... 2/6/2010

The forecast promised bluebird skies, a sharp wind, and some fairly cold temperatures, but it didn't stop the Four Icemen from traveling further down east for some salmon and trout action.

Liquid and Scooter planned to take off before daylight in anticipation of the early rush, while Uncle Pard and I would venture out a bit later in order to get bait and other provisions. I wasn't worried about lagging behind, it had been a rugged week work wise and the thermometer was floating below 10 degrees.

A fresh concoction of coffee awaited as I turned the corner into the kitchen and the cold weather gear found way piece by piece. Figuring I had accomplished all acts of readiness without stirring a mouse, I met my youngest in the hall as I was about to open the door. This epic failure only reinforced the inevitabe, whenever I've got a plan in motion and it could be better supported by my wife getting a little extra sleep- it always results in no dice...

No matter if I were hunting, fishing, or whatever you could imagine, I'd bet my left foot that something will wake my wife up. It will be either our children, a phone call, or the cat. I gave my girls a kiss and shot out the door, there was nothing I could do to improve this slight situation without forfeiting the day.

We got to the lake around 8:30, unloaded the truck, loaded the sled, and rode the ATV out to this island

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