Saturday, January 2, 2010

Got Black ducks???

As this major storm system stalls over the Gulf of Maine, I had to see where the resident mallards and black ducks chose to harbor. Several places were quite predictable as some other spots came as quite a surprise, but the large tides we are having right now along with the elevated levels due to the storm provided some non-typical flood zones.

My oldest daughter went out on the first scouting mission and wanted to takes some pictures and video of the congregated ducks. Here's the fruit of her labor...

I took a few pictures on the second round, the ducks weren't to excited to see me driving by but they would return once I left.

Here's my video of some black duck action...

My wife once again chose to trump my photography skills, I'm quite impressed with the close up pictures.

There's some plans in the works for some great posting shortly, however I need to maintain a double top secret angle as the information keeps trickling in on several stories that truly ended 2009 with a bang. Until then, I hope you all are eager for 2010...


  1. Nice pictures/videos.Sometimes it's nice to admire nature in the harsh elements.

  2. Great tape and pics! Love the Maine accent! Looking forward to the top secret stories to come.

  3. Sweet tunes in your vehicle! Ha!

    How common are black/mallard hybrids up there? It's getting to be very common down here.


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