Sunday, December 27, 2009

Virtual Hunting

So Santa had some issues with me this year and I had no choice but to bust my hump to get on the nice list over these past few weeks. After doing some research for a video game system since I'm not a gamer, it became apparent that the most family friendly device was the Wii by Nintendo. We've been busy with the bowling and other games, but my heart belongs to the Cabelas Big Game Hunter 2010 with the Top Shot Peripheral gun. Here's a link that will send you straight to Cabela's to check it out- Cabela's Big Game Hunter.

I must say the game is quite impressive and has consumed my weekend pitting the Downeast Duck Hunter against all types of big game ranging from Brown Bear to Caribou to Red Stag. Even though it isn't a fair replacement for getting into the woods, I must say that the average outdoors fanatic must try this game.

It took time to work out the buttons, apparently my skills have diminished since 8th grade but within an hour or so the game became more natural to negotiate. Below is a quick video of my cousin who found himself in Argentina pursuing Red Stag. Thus far, I'd have to give it an A+ partially for it has held my attention for three days straight and the realistic opportunities from my perspective.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of the vidiots! I still play the PS2 and as such have fallen behind in recent advancements in video game technology. However, I have played the Cabela games in the past and spent many a night playing them for hours and hours! Enjoy buddy!

  2. I think what is even more remarkable is that I just put on the internet channel on the Wii and am currently watching one of my blog videos on the television. Crazy stuff...

  3. I have never owned a video game system but I keep getting closer to buying one.I noticed in one of my hunting mags a new game for Wii,Remington great American bird hunt,looks really interesting.

  4. One of my buddies pointed me towards that one Tug, I watched the promotional video and it just might be my next video game investment. And after 14 hours of gameplay, the game has been conquered and I'm a member of the Order of Orion...

  5. Boy that cousin of yours sure is a good shot! :)


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