Friday, December 11, 2009

Once again to the Bird Band Lab...

The band from this drake eider has been sent to the Bird Band Laboratory in Laurel, MD to be etched in order to determine the numbers worn off the aluminum band over time. For those who don't know the process, the band is put into a chemical mixture and since the band is stamped one can still "see" the numbers after immersion. Included with the band was a letter stating all necessary information pertaining to the take of the eider including location, date, and how retrieved.

Off particular note, the last band I sent to the BBL returned with some incredible information. The hen eider was 13 years old and banded on the southeast border of Nova Scotia. I've posted the link to an earlier blog entry about the bands taken thus far, not including the ones taken this year. Have a great weekend.

Bands, Bling Bling Baby, Bands...

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. Very cool Tony. I shot a drake Canvasback several years ago that was 9 years old and the numbers were completely worn off. I was reluctant to send the band in as I didn't know if it would actually find its way back to me. In the end it did and it hangs from my trucks rear view mirror with some Canada goose feathers.
    Keep us posted when you find out the particulars.

  2. You should ask Tugboat about his banded goose - 7 years old and banded on a golf course 2 miles from where he killed it in southeastern VA.


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