Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Are you ready???.

My best man...

He's the same person I created a Facebook group to make fun of until he joined, once he got an account I wouldn't let him join the group. And I'm excited to finally get him downeast for some gunning action.

Getting my best man down for a sea duck hunt might just be the hardest thing to accomplish. But since the deer count is down in Maine and he's downhearted and depressed, my right hand man has chosen to forfeit this upcoming Saturday to pursue the might eider. Weather looks good and I intend to videotape as much as possible, my intentions are to publicly flog him to the dire end. Until then, hope for his arrival and potential poor shooting!!!

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. I wouldn't count on poor shooting, it seems to me that I have been featured on this site on more than one occasion with some pretty good shooting. If my memory serves me well the last time we went out there was a duck you said "No, No, No" and being that we had only seen a handful of ducks that day, I prompty disregarded your poor advice and proceeded to make quick work of passing patchead. I dare say one of my best shots yet considering the 25 knot winds (or thereabouts and a crossing shot.

  2. If your only hope of poking fun at me is poor shooting don't hold your breath (but knowing you I'm sure you'll find other topics). It seems to me that I have been featured on this blog on more than one occaision for some pretty decent shooting. If my memory serves me well I do belive the last time we went out you were telling me "No,No,No" but being that we had seen only a handful of ducks that day (poor conditions) I quickly disregarded your poor advice and dispacthed the bird. My best shot yet I dare say- a crossing shot 40 yards out, in a 25knot wind (like I said not the best conditions). Anyway I can not wait to get down for some gunning and look foward to reducing some of the localy duck population! Bring on the Eiders!

  3. This double post by the man, codename "Sniper", only illustrates my point concerning any degree of flogging. Some people are just on a road to nowhere. Maybe I need to turn the heat on the Maine Outdoorsman next since I, on occasion, receive an unfair perspective through his writing. ;)


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