Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trouble is brewing...

I'm still laughing, and you may appreciate this one!!! I just happened to type in "Carry-Lite eider decoys" on Google after my official "repair the damage day" to my existing spread. To my surprise just under a couple of most excellent links to my blog was this add on Craigslist for five dozen 19 inch eider decoys in the mid-coast area of Maine. The list price was $240 for the entire bunch or $48 for a dozen. After some fast email exchanges, I've landed only SIX dozen for a total price of $300. What is most exciting is that my brother-in-law picked up the decoys for me and threw them on his credit card while my check to him is in the mail. However, he must hold them for a bit until we can best figure out how to transport them.

The most exciting thing for me is that the most comparable decoy as I believe Carry-Lite no longer makes the eider line is from Knutson's Decoy (be sure to scroll down). The price for a dozen there is $99.99 a dozen not including shipping, so I'd say i've made out.

It took my brother two trips to transport these, but his pain and suffering is well worth my investment!!!


  1. Congrats on a heck of a deal. Now just a few wieghts and some lines and you're set. Bring'em on!

  2. Right on for the good deal! Hope they work well for you as I'm looking forward to reading about some sea duck adventures!

  3. Riddle me this . . . how many decoys actually fit in a 18 foot Lund? LOL!

  4. Great score buddy. I own a dozen of these beauties and they work great. You are right, they no longer make these as I inquired on another dozen and to my dismay there was no more. Arlin Alley


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