Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Kayak...

Over the past year I decided that I must have three main items to fulfill my personal happiness. The first was an oil painting that was completed my one of my former students this past spring, now I've got to get a second one because my wife says I've got two girls and one nice painting! The second is a Super Redhawk and that will have to wait simply because a house needs to be finished and a new vehicle is in our near future.

The final item on my list was to get a new kayak, particularly the Old Town Ambush canoe/kayak. That didn't happen but I did fall into a pretty sweet deal. Let me share this gem of a story...

My wife calls me from her hometown as she and my children were staying her mother after the passing of my father-in-law. She had seen an advertisement for a kayak on the local cable channel and thought I would be interested in calling. I really wasn't for I figured it would be some old kayak that someone was trying to dump at a price no one wanted to pay, but with some encouragement I did call.

I spoke with a pleasant man who explained that his friend had bought an Old Town Adventure 13'9" several years ago and had a stroke the following year. They had hoped for a better recovery, but using the kayak seemed futile with each passing year. The orange kayak with paddle, lifevest, security lock, and gear was offered at $379 and my counter offer of $350 was accepted. I can honestly say that I'm not big on the orange, but I can easily make the kayak disappear with some marsh grass mats I had purchased from Cabelas. I'm quite pleased with the purchase and have found it's stability very impressive.

I intend to post shortly with the camouflaging with in itself has been a neat process. Sorry about the lack of posting, it hasn't been a great summer...

The Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. AhhHA, nice acquisition there DEDH! I bet you're setting the alarm to get up early and start the camo job. Looking forward to seeing the new craft all dialed in.
    Welcome back, after a tough season of loss. I've missed you.

  2. Nice float! Now I suppose you will want me to give you a tour of merry meeting bay! Hmm, duck opener!?!

  3. The camo job is progressing quite well, I can't wait to show the pictures of my progress especially the custom camo paint job on the paddle.

    Terry, thanks for posting, it has been a tough summer and almost impossible to make blogging even a remote priority.

    Rabid, I'm set for two days of opening mayhem... Can't wait to bring back the dual blogging festivities, and the angles we present to our readers.


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