Friday, April 10, 2009

First wood duck of 09...

I've been pretty lousy with the writing and must echo the same sentiments as my good buddy, the Maine Outdoorsman, who seems to have fallen off the planet. Even this A type has discovered that role strain isn't the best way to function. I'll be absent for some time as I won't be participating in anything outdoors until the lakes warm up enough to encourage the bass to become a little more active. Plus bass fishing in April is cold, it isn't like you can tuck in behind the blind, drink coffee, and enjoy the fact that you are super insulated.

I usually don't have a lot of trout luck until May when the hatches occur, so put that together with no hunting and I'm just the Downeast Dad, Dude, Director, and Do All.

Here the picture of the first wood duck of 09 taken by my daycare provider who has the neatest little pond going, too bad it's about 50 feet from her house because that qualifies it as a protected pond.

Till next time...

DEDH out


  1. Good to hear from you DEDH, thought you fell off the face of the planet. Sounds like things are in neutral for you between seasons. Nice looking wood duck, oh, and those mallards aren't bad either :0

  2. I am crawling back out of my hole now that hunting season is only a few weeks away!!


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