Thursday, December 25, 2008

I SPY...

So even when I tell my wife to get me NOTHING for Christmas, I still get a nice surprise every year. This time around was no exception as I scored a Moultrie GAMESPYi40 Digital Game Camera with Infrared Flash.

For quite some time I've wanted to get one of these to better identify what exactly is working my hunting grounds. Of particular note, I've been curious about this big footprint and if the rack could be directly proportional to the track.

After some basic application of the instruction manual I've set it up for a three shot multi-image capture with enhanced image quality. Only time will tell and I won't be able to see what's out there yet. But for you big bad buck lovers, here's the first captured image... He's a brute, my wife says he's a wall hanger!!!

Honey I think it's on...

Thank you sweetheart, your Downeast Duck Hunter loves you!!!


  1. Good luck trying to find a taxidermist to stuff that one,haha merry xmas.

  2. That's a great gift. Looking forward to seeing some big buck pics!

  3. What a nice wife! I know the feeling. Mine suprised me with a Binelli SBEII for my birthday last month. I am curious to see how the camera performs - keep us updated. BTW - I hope the deer are better looking than the test subject. YIKES! ;)


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