Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busy... busy... busy...


It's been a hard run, weather on the weekends has been nothing short of small craft advisories and daylight savings time has put a huge hit into my afternoon deer nights. I do have a leadership conference to attend, but next week I'm out of school as of 12 noon on Wednesday so it looks like deer afternoons, duck mornings, and family in between. Hopefully I'll be able to provide a few memorable stories, plus I'm thinking about doing a blog interview on a pretty fascinating woman in the field from the our Northwestern region of the country. I hope all is well for everyone and stay tuned!!!

If anyone is curious about what I do feel free to drop me an email at

Downeast Duck Hunter


  1. Hey budd you have to make a living to have fun.Don't worry you will get out there eventually.Oh and I'm glad you aren't taking out all the ducks,now maybe they will find there way down to Virginia.

  2. Tony good luck to you over the holiday . . . shoot a monstah!

    To bad you weren't with us "heatah huntin" this past weekend . . . what a disaster! :)


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