Saturday, October 18, 2008

Matt and Mahoney, it's kinda of hard being Snoop D-O-double G



...............................First Light

Every so often, I manage to get my best man, Mahoney, to sneak down for a visit. We had been discussing the possibility of him getting out with the one they call Matt Diesel and myself for a quick morning blast, and then everyone could go their separate ways. The forecast clearly suggested 15-20 mph winds from the North and this automatically presented a challenge. I thought about where we could best set up to 1) be safe and somewhat out of the wind, 2) encourage sea ducks to address the decoys, and 3) accommodate the tide which would be turning flood around 8 a.m.

I decided to put us in a typical location and alter the presentation of the decoys. Rather than offering a slight crescent running north and south, it became a better idea to cup the dekes a little more and move the spread a little more to the east in order to encourage some fliers to turn into the wind as the ledge would act as a forcing agent. We would set up to the west of the decoys, and would have to settle with fly-bys. Challenging, but workable.

We had already filled one limit of eiders and found ourselves into a little down time. It's still early and the eiders we are currently gunning are residents. I don't expect the migrators until next month as freezing temperatures from Canada are inevitable. As a result of some inaction, Matt and I got messing around with Matt's new Blackberry which had his entire music collection already downloaded. It was at this point Matt decided to showcase his mad rapping skills while Mahoney stood watch for a rogue eider. I apologize for the explicit lyrics, but after you see this you'll appreciate how this whole thing went down. And if you are wondering, it was five...

Matt Diesel and Mahoney in Full Effect!!!


  1. Dang,that's some mighty fine shooting.So you don't have a plug law up there or was someone else shooting as well?

  2. TBD,
    Matt Diesel decided to stop rapping and start shooting... Of course there I was holding onto the digital camera...

    DEDH out

  3. To tugboatdude...there were two shooters...I was one of them, it was a beautiful morning and a great time spent with friends...thanks to the downeastduckhunter for having me come along...

  4. Yeah I was just checking,I was sitting there thinking damn that dude is on point!haha congrats on the good day.

  5. NICE . . . Man I need you boys to stop hanging out with my brother . . . he is a BAD, BAD, BAD influence.

  6. Hey Downeast, I found you through your comment to River Mud. I'm a duck-o-holic as well and really enjoyed reading through your blog. I'll add you to my blogroll!


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